TL’s Game of the Year List

I’ve been trying to rack my brain to come up with a great, well versed way to talk about how we have reached the end of the year. Ultimately, trying to come up some flowery way to say, “yo this year kind of sucked,” seems really pedantic. So here we go, this year kind of sucked. However, it also kind of ruled? A year that was marred in some of the most stressful moments, especially in my life time, I’m also very proud of the out put that we, as a PNB origination have put out. Robert Beach coming aboard, as well as him creating Level Select, has lead to some of the best podcasts we have done during our 8 year run! Also, Kayla and Dylan going out of their comfort zone and doing some really interesting stuff this year has also ruled. Oh, and I got to do some stuff over at the Laser Time Podcast Network this year, so that’s neat. So this year has been a roller coaster of emotions. You know what hasn’t been though? Video Games.

The games this year have almost all have been fantastic, and since lists are what the people need to know how you feel about stuff, here are my top ten games of 2018.

Huge side point : Dragon Age Inquisition came out four years ago, or this would be the DQ:I presents Game of the year list.

  1. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth- Hacker’s Memory

Image result for digimon story cyber sleuth hacker's memory

Digimon Story is a fun little RPG, that takes elements from stuff like Pokemon and later Digimon games, that kind of scratched my itch for the collect’em all RPGs that I usually play through out the year. The game is fun, even though all hackers are apparently bishojo models, don’t fact check me on that. It’s a little too long to get started, but it’s really fun to pick up and play and Digivolve your Digimon to however far you want to. If you are a Digimon fan, like myself, I would recommend checking it out.

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Image result for red dead redemption 2

As this is a post about celebration, I’m going to make sure I don’t go full on negative about Red Dead. I’m disappointed that it’s this low on my list of games that I played this year, because I really wanted Red Dead to be one of the games that I raved about this year, and there are a lot of great aspects of the game that I love. The game is gorgeous, and every area you enter feels so self actualized and lived in, it didn’t feel like I was just going to a generically spawned area. Also, being Arthur Morgan feels so good. I was afraid that he was going to be such a blank slate character, the fact that Arthur feels so fleshed out it made it a joy to figure out, how your Arthur would handle different situations. Now if only if it felt great to actually play that game some times.

  1. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

Related image


Welcome to the world where everyone has nostalgia for Castlevania 3! Seriously, between this game, and the Netflix show’s second season, this has been a great Castlevania year. Inti Creates Bloodstained is such a great love letter to the 8-bit area of the Castlevania games, that doesn’t go to the Normal Iki-vanias, where you have to go back through every area. The characters feel really great to play as, and I’m really looking forward to the full Bloodstained experience next year, when Ritual of the Night finally gets released.

  1. God of War (2018)

Image result for God of War 2018

So if I would have written this a week ago, this would have been off of the list. I understood what the game was going for, having a more reflective Kratos, and his relationship to his son, which it seems like he would rather have not been there. I had a lot of, “yeah I get it,” moments with the game. That is, until I got to Elfhiem, and when you go into the Light beacon, and you hear Atreus thoughts for the first time. Atreus, who is the weak character, physically, starts to show his voice, and questions can he trust Kratos, and then I started to fall in love with their dynamic. The game is also very good looking and there are some really great twist that gets there. If you get the chance, make sure to give God of War a try.

  1. Dead Cells

Image result for Dead Cells

I never got into the rogue-like genre, but I decided to give Dead Cells a try due to a lot of really great feed back, and yeah I get it. Dead Cells is such a fun game to pick up and go, and the progression never really felt to overwhelming. The weapons in the game feels very satisfying to play as, and they aren’t any that feel like it’s a slog to use. It also helps that it feels so good to get better at the game. Dead Cells is such a good ride from front to back.

  1. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Image result for Dragon Ball FighterZ

I’ve been waiting all my life for a good Dragon Ball fighting game, and for this game to be so good, I mean, I don’t know what I have to thank? A cursed set of Dragonballs that will unleashed Omega Sheron on the earth? Arc System Works has done such a great job with anime fighters but for them to put the love and attention that have done with DBFZ, I don’t know where else you go from here, DBFZ is easily the best anime fighting game of all time, and when they add the best Dragon Ball character, which is Launch btb, it will be my favorite game every created.

  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Image result for super smash bros ultimate

Things that would make my life better:

  1. A time machine that would allow me to play Dragon Age Inquisition when it first came out
  2. Never ending Pizza
  3. King K Rool in every Smash Brothers game

King K Rool, well, rules. So does this game. MY CROC SON IS ALIVE, PLEASE ENJOY HIM

(The game is also a great love letter to the history of gaming, and where World of Light is really cool the adventure mode also has really cool story beats as well.)

  1. Tetris Effect

Image result for Tetris Effect

I used to think that Tetris was dumb and for nerds. Well, guess what I’m dumb and a nerd. I love Tetris now!

I’ve never played Lumines, and outside of Gameboy Tetris, I never put a lot of time into the Tetris world, however Tetris Effect made me care so much about the series as a whole, and made me learn to get better. When I first started playing the game, I had no idea how to set up lines, or what would work best to clear a block and having the pieces drop faster than 5 was almost impossible. Now, I can go up to 12! That’s progress. Also playing Tetris Effect in VR is a transcendent experience.

  1. Monster Hunter World

Image result for monster hunter world

Monster Hunter World is the first time I actually got my hands on Monster Hunter, and had the, OK I get it moment. Playing Monster Hunter was so much fun, and each of the different monsters were so cool to take down. The game kept on ratcheting the difficultly, but it never felt to overwhelming, as it taught you to continuously think outside the box on taking on the different Monsters. I can’t wait to see what happens next year with the new DLC expansion.

  1. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Related image

Full disclosure, our friend Marco Villiapando did a couple of the suits in the game, and he’s of course one of my favorite people. That’s out of the way.

This game rules so hard.

I’m a huge Spider-Man fan, and I’ve been constantly disappointed in a number of Spider-Man products. So imagine my enjoyment of jumping out of Peter’s apartment and swinging through New York for the first time. It was a Euphoric feeling that I’m not sure anything would ever recreate. Seeing Insomniacs take on some of my favorite Spider-Man rouges, as well as the costumes was also really good. Marvel Spider-Man was the game I’ve been waiting to play since I was 10 years old, and at 32, I don’t think I would have ever thought that game would be made.


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