PNB FM Episode Brendan

This week marks another entry in the PNB FM Solo series. In this episode, Brendan takes us on a nostalgic tour of his favorite Gamecube summer jams. Songs in this episode: Super Mario Sunshine – “Delfino Plaza” The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – “The Great Sea” Skies of Arcadia Legends – “Battle 1”Continue reading “PNB FM Episode Brendan”

PNB FM #6: OverClocked Remixes!

Welcome back! Dylan and Robert run down the PNB’s cuts of the best and brightest the lovely artists over at OverClocked Remix have to offer. Family Jewels by The Kilgores, Jewel Man’s Stage by Ippo Yamada Journey’s End by pu_freak, Credits Theme by Junichi Masuda Forever Until Tomorrow by Paul Baxter and Star Salzman, MemoriesContinue reading “PNB FM #6: OverClocked Remixes!”