PNB #8: Saints Rowned

With Marco and Travis taking a month-long breather, we are joined by Landon VanBuskirk to talk Saints Row, Batman, PAX memories, and most interestingly of all, shitty things about South Dakota! Woooooooo!


PNB #8: Saints Rowned

PNB Special: Tyler Wilde

This week, Travis sits down with PC Gamer’s Senor Associate editor, Tyler Wilde. The two discuss Tyler’s start in the gaming industry, PC Gamer, living in a Podcast Station, Dinosaur movies, and twitter comedy. A very subdued interview, but a good time was had a by all.


PNB Special: Tyler Wilde

PNB Flashback – Quetzalcoatl Jesus Reborn

Technical difficulties have again plagued the PNB crew. Luckily, some of our classic moments have been leaking through the systems, with a little polish added for good measure, and this week is no different. Check out our completely un-dated talk about the Mass Effect 3 ending, previewing the Skyrim addition Dawnguard, and our old pal Quetzacoatl Jesus. China Don’t Care!


PNB Flashback – Quetzalcoatl Jesus Reborn

PNB Special: Nathan Meunier

This is a humble little podcast started by Dylan (Phazon117), Kayla (Tokengirlstfu), and Travis (Turbobison). We are a video game podcast, but we talk about a whole lot more…like jugglaos, Chris Brown, Dragon Ball Z, and Quetzalcoatl Jesus. We are fun and lighthearted, and we like to have a good time. Trust me, you will enjoy the time you bullshit with us.


In a really cool special, Travis sits down with the guy who wrote the book on(or about) freelancing, Nathan Meunier. They talk Nathan’s start in video game journalism, how to keep yourself fresh, and about writing a book about Freelancing. The guys also talk a little about E3, and just generally have a good conversation.


PNB Special: Nathan Meunier