PNB #36: The Male Booty

Internet toxicity can’t keep this podcast from shooting the breeze with Laser Time’s Chris Antista. From Monster Hunter to Dragon Age to Pokemon to Parappa the Rapper, there’s a little bit of everything. We also delve into the world of comic books to talk Spider-Man, The Avengers, and their inevitable cinematic crossover.


PNB #36: The Male Booty

PNB #35: All Wok and No Play

Technical difficulties won’t stop once-guest, now full-timer Landon from making his triumphant debut. Also Kayla had a bit too much to drink, so bear with us (well mainly her). We talk everything from Dragon Age to Man of Steel to The Legend of Korra.


PNB #35: All Wok and No Play

PNB Flashback: Clop Clop Juggalo

With the hustle and bustle of 2014 coming to a close, why not take this chance to reminisce? It seems like just yesterday we were all lining up to see the final chapter in the Dark Knight trilogy. It just goes to show you that a little hindsight and critical thought can really tear a film apart. We’ll also be talking up 2012’s Steam sales and Travis’ hatred of Krispy Kreme donuts.


PNB Flashback: Clop Clop Juggalo