PNB #32: Hella Brimbor

With a smashing plethora of great games out, the gang can’t contain themselves. From Super Smash Bros. to Shadow of Mordor to Sims 4 to Persona 4, we’ve got quite a packed show. Listen as Kayla regales us with her Vegas trip and Dylan experiences sleep deprivation!


PNB #32: Hella Brimbor

PNB Flashback: Conspiracy Weary

Every once in a while, we’ll dig out one of our lost episodes from a few years back. Once PTFGN went the way of the dinosaur, so too did these classic episodes. These relics could talk about anything from the Skyrim reveal trailer to the Mass Effect 3 ending, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We talk up Reddit-based conspiracy theories and swoon over the concept of Super Saiyan Nappa (seriously).


PNB Flashback: Conspiracy Weary