PNB #4: Five Finger Daft Punk

After Iron Man 3, the PNB crew are on a comic book binge, talking from a new, familiar Robin, even more characters for Injustice, and some spoilery Iron Man talk. But we haven’t left out our normal amounts of juggalos, Macho Man Randy Savage, and all that other BS.


PNB #4: Five Finger Daft Punk

PNB #3: Electric Juggalo

After a short delay, Podcast N Bullshit is back in full force! We talk about anything from Injustice to Call of Duty and Blood Dragon to Juggalos and Godsmack, and everything in between. Break out the Faygo and facepaint, because you’re about to get a whole bunch of bullshit.


PNB #3: Electric Juggalo

PNB #2: Stuck in a Rudden

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging after Episode 1, did you? We promised you loads of bullshit, and this is only serving number two! We welcome Marco (BoxingMarco) to the podcasts folds as we discuss college fighting game culture, Guacamelee, and homophobes. Also, Travis interviewed Cheap Popcast host Dave “Davertime” Rudden, so this one is definitely a keeper!

PNB #2: Stuck in a Rudden